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Deliveries are arriving weekly

Be sure to stop in and check out the selections.



Deliveries are arriving weekly

Be sure to stop in and check out the selections.

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Fertilizing is one of the key ingredients to a healthy yard. Lawn care experts recommend that you fertilize at least one to two times per year. If you want a lawn worthy of a round of golf, set up a schedule that will allow you to fertilize your lawn four to five times per year.

Be sure not to use a fertilizer that is too high in nitrogen early in the season. This will result in large top growth but shallow root growth.

Double Up Lawn Maintenance with Landscape Maintenance

If you're thinking that it will take more work to have a well-groomed yard than you really want to commit to, consider doubling up tasks. For example, fertilize your plants, shrubs and trees at the same time you fertilize your lawn. Use a weed control product on your flowerbeds when you use one in the yard. You can reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do by incorporating landscaping ideas, like hardscaping. The non-organic materials will significantly reduce the need for maintenance.



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